Make your Headshot work

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Selfies are an everyday thing, but when it comes to selling your face in one of the toughest businesses on the planet, they just don’t staand out.

…Why us?:

It’s more important now than ever to show your face at its best. Here at Actor Headshots we have over 20 years experiance in making people look good.

…Some simple rules:

It’s about you, plain and simple. We make sure your session isn’t rushed. We take the time you need to get ready. We aim to get you 6 different pictures. To do this we shoot 10 different looks so you have a choice.

…On the day of your session:

The session will be 60 minutes. Please don’t be late as time can not be added to your slot. You need to bring a selection of plain coloured tops. Nothing too fussy or fancy. After all, these are pictures of  you and not your clothes. Black, white and solid colours are all good, no busy designs. If you’re not sure, bring it all… The bigger the selection, the better chance we have of getting the right outfit.

If you want to shoot with and without beard, you must bring everything needed including a towel. We don’t recommend this as razor rash retouching isn’t included in the session fee.

…Post production:

All the images shot (minus any half blink ones) are put on a google drive coded link. You can share that link and code with anyone whose opinion you value. It’s hard as there will be a few hundered images, but you need to make the final selection of 6. These will be retouched (this is general clean-up, not glamour magazine style retouching) and supplied as 300dpi jpeg files, this is the size for Spotlight uploads. That file size can aslo be printed if you want hard copies. We do not supply prints, commercial print houses can do this at a rate we simply can’t compete with.